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English-speaking locals all around the globe
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Making travel unique and affordable

A brand new way of travelling to let you explore more during the journey. Meet inspiring locals, fluent English speakers who are happy to show you their city. Just like visiting a good friend.

Better than a tour guide

No commercial BS and quoting wikipedia. Just true facts from the real life. Secret courtyards, streets and cafés, stunning views, away from touristic traps.

An evolution of guided tours

Stay longer at the sights you like the most, visit authentic shops, change the tour plan on the go or just enjoy the moment drinking apperol in the local bar.

Democratic flat rate

The one standard rate, no matter of country you’re travelling to or the localie you choose. We’ve managed to make it times cheaper than the market average!

We take care of you

Your payment goes securely online through our platform. We guarantee the quality of tour, otherwise Localie refunds your money.

All localies are verified

We do a background check and conduct an interview with everyone before adding to the platform. Performance is monitored further on to keep the best localies only.

Customized for you

Each tour is unique as we design it based on your personal interests. Museums and a roof-top bar, secret club - all could be parts of the same program.

Extra services

Get most of your trip. Let localie show you around and help with one of our extra services


Travel with localie on her own car to the neighboring cities and other sightseeings

€69 a day

Capture the best moments of your trip in semi-professional photshoot by localie

€69 for a photoshoot

Avoid hotels. Feel like a local by staying together at localie's place

€69 a day

Forget about tourist traps by letting localie help planning your trip

€69 one time fee
Let us make your next trip unforgettable
½ day
a day

To make the future of travel affordable for the many, we offer the lowest price for the personal guided tour services in the area.

This flat fee is effective for the companies of up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose.


How long does it take to walk with localie?
What do I pay for when booking the tour?
How shall I pay?
What will the localie show me during the tour?

Who we are and what we do?

Traveling has never been so affordable and exciting!

Localie can be a nice addition to a business trip or the main tool for organize your holiday. Book a short city tour directly with localies. Or, spend a whole week with them and immerse yourself into a whole new environment, as if you moved there.

Live in localies homes, drive around in their cars and see really interesting places instead of jam-packed tourist attractions from a guidebook. And, if you want, finish your trip in a neighboring city or even a country.

We make travel as easy as possible, much cheaper and even more exciting. Because we're willing to let many people being able to discover a new city or a country at least once a month.

How does it work?

  • Choose a city you're settling in or starting a trip from
  • Choose a localie you like the most
  • Finalize the details and set off to the unforgettable journey

For Traveler

  • You're in the focus. As well as your interests, preferences and time.
  • You’ll discover what a city’s really about. Our passionate localies know better than anyone else.
  • No more painstaking hours and evenings of figuring out where to go and what to see.
  • Choose from people, not prices. Many localies - single rates.
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For Localie

  • Meet like-minded people from all over the world.
  • Improve your language skills while having fun. Or meet travelers from your home country.
  • See your own city in a new light.
  • Get rewarded for your initiative.
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