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Diana Ashrapova

Singer, vocal coach

Hello guys, I am a PhD vocal coach, singer and traveler. I have my own music project KickZeKing (you can check it in YouTube), where me and my team create everyth...

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Anastasia Gvozdeva

A girl in love with her city, country, and its ...

First of all, Moscow is living history. It's a huge chaotic megapolis where traces of Russian history are just hiding around every corner — you just need to know ...

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Dylan Ferguson

A language lover, learner and teacher

In Moscow, I am constantly impressed with how the city contrasts and contradicts itself. It is so modern, yet so traditional / old-fashioned in some aspects for l...

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Elya Danilyuk

TV-newsmaker, photographer, traveller

I like sport and the way how to get it here in Moscow For example, we have free tennis courts, free playgrounds for ping-pong and many other activities. Also Mosc...

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a student of Higher School of Economics/ amateu...

the greatest aspect and the entire feature of Moscow that I appreciate is about the atmosphere and sky...indeed, the pace of life and rhythm​ of the city are inde...

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Alexander Phillipps

Linguist, adventurer and easy going academic

Since moving to Moscow I have experienced a country of extremes. Here nothing is done in moderation. The architecture is a city of contrasts. Cold and overly func...


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Moscow is not what it seems. Perhaps you think that Moscow is the noisy and chaotic capital of the biggest country of the world. And you would be right. But we are telling you that Moscow is cozy, quiet and mysterious. And we would be also right. That's why it's important to discover Moscow with locals. We will show you Moscow you've never thought existed.

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